Get Involved

Want to help out? 

1. Follow Alexander4Congress on Facebook and Twitter and share/like posts and tweets.   2. Tell your friends about Victoria Alexander’s campaign and start talking about ending debt-back currency to take back control of government.   3. Donate to your favorite charity in the district on behalf of Victoria Alexander’s campaign and post about it.   4. Make your own videos and endorsements and spread them on social media. Take out an ad in your local paper. Feel free to use any video or text from this site. Label your message, “Paid for by Your Name.”    5. Pick up a 24 x 28″ yard sign from a local Libertarian NY County meeting.  Find your county group here. 6. Invite Dr Alexander to speak to your local group.

You can request a free yard sign if you make a donation of at least $10  to the New York Libertarian Party and tell the party leadership why you support Victoria Alexander’s campaign.  After you make your donation tell us about it and send us your mailing address using the form below. 

Request a free 3″ or 4″ button by filling out the form below.

Tells us what you can do.