What if citizens could vote on laws, written and sponsored by representatives, instead of just allowing representatives to vote for them?  How would we run government with this type of Direct Democracy?

In a Direct Democracy every representative would be required to vote on bills according to the majority vote of his/her constituents.  This would keep the basic structure of our current government in place, but it would take power away from politicians and give it back to the people. As we diminish the voting power of politicians, we would also be getting money out of politics. We can start by asking our representatives to voluntarily allow constituents to post their votes on the representative’s official website.

Secure voting may be done online using blockchain verification (as used by Bitcoin) or by paper ballots at local post offices and government offices.  The number and length of bills going up for votes in each year would need to be drastically reduced in a Direct Democracy to encourage sufficient participation. Currently, very few representatives have time to read all the bills that they vote on and citizens never hear about most of them. This is an unacceptable situation.

This site is not affiliated with any one political party or ideology. Although we do tend to favor the decentralization of power over the centralization and concentration of power, we do not advocate no government whatsoever.  Any society requires organized effort to improve the quality and security of the lives of its individual members, but these organized efforts should never become rigid top-down control systems unresponsive to the people who created them. The overall aim of this site is to promote true democracy and to take political control away from elite political groups, such as political parties, elected politicians, corporate lobbyists, and union leaders. Visitors are invited to fill out survey forms for each issue. The options under consideration are largely operational and procedural questions, not questions about actual regulations or actual bills.

This site is currently being developed.   Your participation is very much appreciated. Give us your feedback by filling out the surveys on each post.  And/or use the contact form below to make suggestions or to volunteer your time to help develop the site. We are looking for experts to write/rewrite posts on their areas of interest.

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