2021 To Do

Thank you to those in district 19 who supported this campaign. Every election precious human energy is spent trying to achieve new and better ways of living in the world. We are disappointed, but not surprised, when things stay pretty much the same after all that effort. The time in between elections is when we could be working the hardest. I will continue to try to address the systemic biases that keep voters in the same counter-productive blue vs. red struggles.
My three priorities for 2021 seek to restore the foundations of democracy, i.e., our election, monetary and communication systems:
1. Pass Ranked Choice Voting in NY in 2021 to reduce partisan power and negativity toward challengers. I’m starting with the easiest first. Update: In the spring of 2021, I helped launch RankedChoiceNY.org. We now have many volunteers working away at the effort and I have moved on to more pressing issues.
2. Make ending the Federal Reserve and its debt-backed currency a topic of national conversation. Drastic monetary policy changes are likely to be offered in 2021, so there will be opportunity here to demand a return to Greenbacks backed by tangible assets (like fiber broadband and hospitals).
3. Demand USER-CONTROLLED public Internet platform alternatives where our Constitutional rights of free speech and privacy will be protected. Right now the debate is centered on whether the government or corporations should get to control our speech. Neither should. Considering that US Post Offices and Postal Roads were included in our Constitution, free communication being necessary to a democracy, we are entitled to a modern version of a Constitutionally-protected communication system. Facebook, Twitter and Google can be the online equivalents of FedEx and UPS. Currently, through negotiated municipal contracts, cable companies control the electronic “postal roads,” which we, the people, own and should control, as local, member-owned cooperatives.
I want a government that is limited to protecting our rights and supplying the necessary public infrastructure tools and lines for an unfettered and productive society. Let’s keep working.
Victoria Alexander

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