Free Press

A true democracy depends upon an availability of information and diversity of viewpoints. When virtually all information sources–television, radio, newspapers, magazines, book publishing, movie production–are owned by a few corporations, there is little opportunity for diversity, dissent, or criticism of the corporations or the political group they may favor.  Censorship may occur for a variety of reasons and may be subtle or blatant.  Are anti-trust laws applicable to information-based industries in ways that don’t apply for other industries? In order to have true free speech, do we need to have a true, independent free press? Perhaps the best way to launch a Direct Democracy is to boycott mainstream news sources and start reading, sharing and financially supporting alternative news sources.

Probably the most significant improvement to a Free Press, or, rather, a Free Internet will come through decentralization.  The Internet began as a decentralized platform, flourished because of its nature, and has since been co-opted by the centralizing forces of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Apple (GAFTA).  Cryptonetworks may offer a way to decentralize the Internet once again and keep it that way.

Diverse Alternative Political News Sources
Project Censored
Mint Press News
The Corbett Report
Guns & Butter
Black Agenda Report
The Real News
Truth in Media
Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Lee Camp (comedy)
Jim Hogue (radio)
Equal Time for Free Thought (radio)
Club Orlov
Liberty Report
Global Research
Jimmy Dore Show (comedy)



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