The United States is a land of immigrants. Our rich cultural heritage is very much part of what makes us a great nation. Many immigrants currently working illegally in the U.S. provide cheap labor and this can adversely affect our economy.  It makes sense to provide a path for these people to get work visas or work toward gaining citizenship through U.S. citizen sponsors.

Some people may feel threatened by newcomers. Attacking immigrants is, of course, not the answer.  A way to address the situation is to examine the causes of increased immigration. People are often displaced by U.S. backed wars and U.S. trade agreements. and they come to the United States hopeful for better conditions.

U.S. Free Trade agreements can adversely affect the local economies of our trading partners, putting farmers and small business owners out of work, forcing them to seek low-paying employment with multi-national corporations, like GE, Walmart, IHOP and etc, which drain the local economy of wealth and force more people to migrate.

U.S. military involvement in foreign affairs has displaced millions of people in recent decades and they are forced to seek refuge elsewhere.  Ending the sale of U.S. produced weapons overseas might help reduce the number of people fleeing from war torn countries.



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  1. Peter Dent says:

    You would think that business people, like Trump, would rather have illegals working for them because they will work for much cheaper, underselling American workers and putting them out of jobs. But Trump uses this fear of job loss (among other things) to win the vote of so many Republicans. So when he says “I’m gonna build a wall” does he really mean it?
    You could find a balance between open borders (cheap labor, damaging the economy) and complete isolation (inablility to produce all the good necessary to run a country) by, one, regulating immigration, and/or, two, stopping the export of American jobs overseas. To regulate, simply change the number of immigrants allowed per some time frame, say year, depending on the economy. Need more workers? Increase immigration. Market oversaturated with cheap labor? Decrease immigration. Also, if someone’s worked here for 20 years illegally and has proved him/herself as good worker, just give him/her citizenship.

    This second option seems obvious. It’s bad if people immigrate here and take our jobs, but if they haven’t crossed any borders, say through China, it’s perfectly fine. Stop sending our jobs overseas and abroad and open up room for people working HERE, putting money back into local economies.

    Immigration is a heated discussion, with drastic ideas for fixing it from all sides. But by carefully regulating the borders to suit the economy and bringing back jobs from overseas, it’s easily fixable.


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