Sign Ballot Petition, Gather Signatures



Between June 21 and July 24, we need to collect 3,500 signatures  to get Victoria Alexander’s name on the ballot on the Libertarian line. If you want to collect signatures from registered voters in NY District 19, download the petition by clicking on the petition icon to the left. Each person should sign by the X and print his/her name beneath, fill in his/her home address and write the name of the township in the last column (which might be different from the village or hamlet where he/she lives). After you collect the signatures (10 per page) sign each page as witness and mail the competed petitions to Hudson Valley Libertarian Party chair, Gary Treistman, at the address on the petition.

By getting Victoria Alexander on the Libertarian ballot you can help change the conversation this election cycle.  Get the Democrat and Republican candidates to adopt Direct Democracy, Ending the Fed, Ranked Choice Voting, Ending the Wars, and Decriminalizing Drugs

What is important to a Libertarian? Individual civil liberties, the non-aggression principle, ending corporate welfare, ending the wars, switching to a monetary system based on tangible assets not debt, providing a fair chance for small businesses, and supporting a government that maintains the necessary public infrastructure but doesn’t interfere in private decisions regarding health, education, or religion.