Alexander for Congress 2018

I’m Victoria Alexander. I’m running for Congress from New York’s 19th district, which includes Columbia, Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan, and Ulster counties and parts of Broome, Dutchess, Montgomery and Rensselaer counties. If elected, I will ask my constituents to vote on each bill using a secure online blockchain system, and I will vote according to the majority. I will simply be an advisor to voters.

I am an Independent, seeking support from both the Libertarian and Green parties, which have approximately the same goals but different ideas about how to achieve them. My goal, which unites us all, is to try to decentralize the power that has been concentrated in the hands of the few.  These are the first changes I want to try to make together:

Simplify Legislation.   I support the One Subject at a Time Act H.R. 4335, which will make it possible for all voters (as well as representatives) to read and understand the bills that go before Congress before voting on them.

End the Wars. We simply cannot afford the terrible loss of human life, financial expense, damage to the environment and refugee crises that U.S. involvement in foreign affairs causes. I advocate slashing the military and intelligence budgets to a figure adequate for maintaining a strong defense only. Funding wars and making surplus offensive weaponry creates paranoid and/or vengeful enemies making us less safe, not more safe. To decrease our vulnerability to foreign attack, we should also strive toward energy independence and decentralize and localize our communication, energy, and food production systems.  I support the Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Force H. R. 1229.

End the Fed. Phase out government-supported fractional-reserve banking. Institute a Public Bank, which will create U.S. Treasury dollars for public infrastructure projects without having to pay interest on those projects to private banks. Treasury dollars will be backed by the value of the infrastructure that will return user fees. Phasing out the Federal Reserve will stop the flow of new money to big banks and big corporations and will help us eliminate income tax for most Americans.  I support the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act H.R. 2755.

Reform the Prison System. Decriminalize drugs and end the imprisonment of all non-violent offenders. Focus on restorative justice rather than retribution and require all convicted criminals to perform community service to support and rebuild poor communities. I support the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act H. R. 1013 .

Impose Tariffs on Imports. Tariffs tend to encourage domestic production of goods and keep wealth circulating domestically.  It is the circulation of wealth, not so much the amount of wealth in existence, that results in more products and more improvements. Shipping raw materials far distances to be made into cheap products by cheap labor is energy inefficient, increases pollution, and encourages over-consumption and waste. Tariffs could once again be the sole source of funds for government administration expenses and define their limit. I support the repeal of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the renegotiation of all other trade agreements, which not only hurt U.S. workers but can also adversely affect the local economies of trading partners and force migration to the U.S.

Provide Health Care for Catastrophic Illness. As a civilized society, we do not allow people to die or suffer unnecessarily. This cost of life-saving care for the poor is passed on to others in the form of higher hospital costs and higher taxes. Therefore we have a de facto catastrophic illness insurance system that currently only benefits the poor or those who do not plan ahead.  I believe that any public benefit must be available to all.  I advocate for  a Federal program that provides state hospitals with funds to offer free care after the patient pays a sliding-scale deductible. I recommend revising the  Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act H. R. 676.

Get Money out of Politics.  Limit how much can be spent on a campaign.  Make public funds available to make information about all candidates on the ballot available to all voters, through public service announcements and/or direct mailings. Every candidate on the ballot should be permitted to participate in all public debates. I accept volunteers and encourage my supporters to share this page and/or make their own memes and yard signs. Check Open Secrets see how how much money is being spent by D & Rs in this year’s race. Last election they wasted about $6 million. Wouldn’t that money have been better spent if donated to a charity to help people in our villages and towns? If you want to help my campaign, donate to a charity in my name instead.

Reform Public Education. It is in the interest of the general public to ensure that all voters are capable of making informed decisions.  Public education should focus on developing the critical and creative thinking skills of the public. It should not be concerned with helping individuals earn higher wages.  (Schools might coordinate with the business sector to organize internships and/or entry level paid positions to provide career training.)  Public schools could make more use of free online math and science curricula at home and, in coordination with libraries, theaters, and museums, eventually evolve into community learning centers that involve the parents as well as all residents of the community.

Institute Ranked Voting. Protecting voters against the “wasted third-party vote” syndrome could be accomplished with ranked voting or alternative voting.  The lesser evil option hasn’t worked for us. I support Fair Representation Act. H.R. 3057

There are more issues to consider.  See my thoughts on Funding Government, Running Government, and the Role of Government.  Tell me what you think.


Since 2003, Dr. Victoria Alexander has lived in Dutchess County with her husband and son. She is a farmer, a novelist, and director of a non-profit arts foundation.